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World famous for the quality and diversity of its wines, Burgundy has over 3900 wine producers, some 300 wine dealers and around 20 wine-growers’ cooperatives.

Richebourg, Gevrey-Chambertin, Puligny-Montrachet…such prestigious names make anybody’s eyes sparkle.

Faced with the diversity and richeness of Burgundy wines offer, it is relatively difficult for a neophyte to choose the producer who will offer both superb quality wine and a warm welcome…

We are convinced that the art of wine implies above all values such as sharing, friendliness, excellence and respect for the environment. We are therefore committed to help you discover unique producers, worthy representatives of a land, a name, a domain.

Since we like to think outside the box, we make a point of selecting quality producers, unknown to the general public but highly appreciated by genuine wine lovers and the “Happy Few”.


Whether you are a novice or a connoisseur, our approach is still the same : first we like to hear you talking about your vision of wine in order to better target your needs.

We then establish an initial program which will later be adjusted according to your comments and observations.

Finally, we make the necessary reservations for accommodation and catering, meetings with winemakers and/or wine professionals, arrange transport and various conciergerie services so you can fully enjoy your stay.

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