Team building


You would like to (re)forge a bond between the members of a group and strengthen the team spirit ? The organisation of a team-building is made for you.

Most of the activities proposed on the market focus on the “edutainment”aspect, which favour exchanging, listening and sharing. If these concepts are necessary prerequisites to a successful team building, for 7 une bonne idée that is not enough!

Indeed, what matters when carrying on a team-building, is the trace it will leave and the meaning given to the action. Therefore, we give priority to meaningful activities, such as the renovation of a castle, embellishment of a French garden, rehabilitation of dry stone walls …

We like what is unexpected, singular, moving, so we have decided to propose emotion generating activities, that bring you into contact with local people and their know-how, men and women with a passion for their actions.


Organized as a challenge, each team-building proposed by 7 une bonne idée is a pure creation, planned within locations fully privatized for this occasion.

Would you like to give it a try ? The first step is to meet in order to discuss all the goals you wish to achieve and the time you wish to devote to it .

Then we suggest alternative scenarios within which you will find conviviality, meeting, sharing, creativity, audacity and emotion.

Once this validation done we move on to the implementation of the overall program. A few days before the start of your team-building, you will receive a personalized road-book for each participant.

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