Incentive literally meaning “motivating”, is a strategy that consists in boosting staff motivation as well as rewarding teams for achieving objectives. Depending on requirements, it may take the form of a trip, a recreational or sport activity.

Nowadays, although the aims of incentive vary considerably, the activities offered are patheticallyw unimaginative consisting in standard offers (cooking classes, bike or quad ride, treasure hunts, Olympiads …), all skillfully orchestrated, timed… They are tried and tested, but remain sadly predictable.

 In the field of Incentive, as well as all its fields of activities 7 une bonne idée is commited to keeping its constant quest  for expectedness, meeting and sharing. That is the reason why we have decided to offer activities that awake all your senses, raise your emotions, induce exchanges and guide you towards Burgundy’s treasures. 

Finally, our human approach drives us to showcase talents, to make you meet local people, know-how, men and women passionate about their businesses.


In Burgundy we have the good luck to be able to offer all year long, outdoor as well as indoor activities. They are totally exclusive, fully privatized, and in accordance to your needs, with several dedicated guides.

Through the authentic approach 7 une bonne idée develop, we like to surprise you, both by places as well as the featured activities. Fully tailor-made, original and seasonal, our incentive offers are branded with evocative and mysterious names for an authentic invitation to travel: « Hecho a Mano », « Brassins », « Sense of smell »… or simply « Meats and terroirs from Burgundy », « Chocolate slivers », « Burgundy Wines » …

Our expertise allows us to explore fields as diverse as wine, gastronomy, sports, culture, art or heritage. Developed in close collaboration with local enthusiasts, our incentive offers will take you for a few hours in their universe, always surprising.

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