Around us change is speeding up, business models are evolving, exchanges are digitizing, datas are becoming instantaneous. We live in an increasingly complex world made of uncertainties and it is often difficult to distinguish the essential from the important.

In professional world, where growth and perfection seeking are normalizing, we increasingly need to be accompanied to find in ourselves the resources to achieve our own goals.

We believe that by accompanying you along a personalized coaching process, we can enable you to liberate your personal and professional potential, achieve better results and build a more sustainable future.

Whether professional, personal, sporting … we favour a humanistic approach of “coaching”, focusing on working life in its human and economic dimension.


You need to appease conflicts between employees or challenge yourself to develop your professional life? Your issues are numerous but are none the less unique.

According to what is at stake for you, 7 une bonne idée offers a tailor-made support, both for individual or group sessions. Through a dedicated network of certified coaches, we accompany you on a very wide scope of interventions :

  • Professional support and training
  • Leadership development
  • Development of a strategic vision
  • Cross-disciplinary and remote management
  • Conflicts / crisis management
  • Carrer management and advancement
  • Managerial skills development
  • Communication optimisation

INDIVIDUAL COACHING will develop your skills and knowledge through collective challenges.

  • Brainstorming with someone experienced
  • Clarifying your guidelines, strategy and goals with someone you trust
  • Breaking the solitude due to your position
  • Taking a global view
  • Evolving in your personal style management 

GROUP COACHING, will allow you to develop the maturity of your team, its efficiency and “collective intelligence”.

  • Involving all team members in the decision-making process
  • Developing a transversal approach
  • Develop a sense of measure
  • Make meetings more lively
  • Being more efficient in the collective decision-making


Depending on your issues, your problems (individual or collective) and the required accompanying modalities (on or off premises), 7 une bonne idée selects among its network of partners the most suitable coach profiles for your needs.

Whatever their different backgrounds, our coaching partners all share experience, the ability to listen, total availability and excellent knowledge of networks.

Present since the listening phase, your dedicated coach will accompany you in formalizing your goal and in the continuity of the actions you have to take. Experience, neutrality, qualities of observation and analysis will make our coach the ideal person for you or for a whole group.



Your dedicated 7 une bonne idée coach will operate on site, immersed in your organization and will adapt to your constraints and your timing whether intensive or spread out over time.


7 une bonne idée  will select an authentic place, in accordance with your issues and your constraints. 

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