7 une bonne idée for 
business professionals

Would you like to...

  1. Give more 
    to your business events
  2. Strengthen
    the COHESION 
    of your teams
  3. Create a working context 
    suitable for 
  4. Motivate, 
    gather together
  5. Benefit from
    a personalised 
  6. Improve the operating and 
    of your organisation

7 une bonne idée provides its customers with fully tailor-made exclusive programs,
whatever your requirements are.

We love our region and we live it every day with passion.
So pick below the service offer that fits your needs and leave it to us…we will take you beyond your setting…


Because your time is precious, we have at your disposal a unique referring interlocutor.
To accompany you in a personalized way, we set up for and with you a simple and effective project management method, based upon listening and sharing.



  1. Meeting

    The clear understanding of what your stakes are comes with
    an exploratory stage based on the analysis of your needs.
    We meet each of our customer face to face, before the project
    to better feel your ambitions and emotions.

  2. Sharing

    Enriched by our first talks, then we work on the
    conceptualization of your program to propose you
    a first written draft of “specifications”.

  3. Discussing

    Tailor-made and by definition flexible and adaptable, this first
    document nurtures an exchange stage which, after several
    iterations, leads to a detailed and contractual program.

  4. Implementing

    This is the time when we are planning, managing,
    organizing, coordinating for you… until the very day
    where we personally accompany you all allong your schedule.

  5. Feed back

    Once your program is finished, we propose you a synthetic
    summary of the participants’ feed-back along with
    our partners’ perception of the general roll-out.

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